Future Interviews We’re Working On

This is merely a list of people that we believe would be interesting to hear from. Most have been contacted already. Some interviews have been scheduled. This list will grow longer, daily, until unsolicited requests for interviews become too plentiful as our podcast builds momentum.

  • Adkins, Dr. Ben
  • Basu, Tyler
  • Berry, Paul
  • Burgess, Don
  • Clifford, Paul Alan
  • Coulter, Ann
  • Dice, Mark
  • Duff, Jessie Jane
  • Gatien, Doreen
  • Illies, Emma
  • Jacobs, Jacinda
  • Jenkins, Paul
  • Kimberling, Kim
  • Levy, Mitchell
  • Lewis, Daniel J.
  • Mickelsen, Christian
  • Parker, Star
  • Ramos, Willy
  • Schwab, Tom
  • Sanek, Lawrence
  • Snyder, Monica
  • Toure, Maj

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